Welcome to INDIGO World. A place where creative has no limitations.


We're a passionate group of creatives that enjoy making showstopper content for DTC brands to generate more sales and awareness online.

Your brand deserves to stand out and lead by example.

Stay ahead of the curve with creatives that convert, and that people remember.

PS we live our lives on Slack so communicating with our team on on-going projects has never been easier! We take pride in maintaining personal relationships with all of our clients.

This is more than business. We want to make this an exciting experience for you as you continue to grow your business online.

Just know two things;

1) Social is our playground. We know what people want and we know what pops.

2) We've got some excellent creative talent. Try us. Let's get crazy with it.

Combine the two and it's quite a powerhouse team you've got there on your creative speed-dial.

Let's make some magic.

This is INDIGO. Welcome to the family.



The roots of the brand DNA; We chose INDIGO because of some of the spiritual meanings behind it that aligned with our founder.

Are you an INDIGO CHILD? Let's see if any of the traits align with you! It could make our working relationship even more impactful!

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